Pranay Health

Pranay Health is a patient-centred holistic well-being clinic committed to enhancing individual health and vitality through the integration of traditional naturopathic wisdom with evidence-based science. They focus on the whole person rather than isolated symptoms.
Recognising that each individual's health journey is unique, Pranay Health emphasises personalised care. Their diverse modalities, including Naturopathy, iridology, marma therapy, breathwork, and flower essences, are tailored to support individuals along their paths to wellness. Tania, the owner and a dedicated, qualified naturopath, is passionate about nurturing, empowering, and educating individuals to lead their happiest and healthiest lives.
At the core of their philosophy lies a belief in the body's innate ability to heal itself. Pranay Health offers an array of services encompassing herbal medicine, clinical nutrition, dietary guidance, and lifestyle support.

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