Time attendance system in Dubai

KeenTeQ provides all major world-class time attendance system in Dubai. We deal in all major world-class Time Attendance Machines & door access control systems ranging from Honeywell, Bosch, Hikvision,Suprema, ZKteco, IrisID, Matrix and Idemia brands. So we can provide a system that will cater to your time and attendance needs.
Time attendance Device increases employee loyalty as it makes the punctuality of employees a habit and when it becomes the work culture of an employee in organizations it automatically improves the productivity and profit ratio of the company over years. Automated time attendance system saves your assets reducing supervisory costs on arrival and departure of employee workforce. Time is money, save it with Proper system. KeenTeQ provides the best time attendance services in Dubai UAE to save your money on employee costs in a personnel department and improves the productivity of each employee in your organization.

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